Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my m i l

1st October, 2008

We love this woman.

How blessed are we to to have her in our lives. 
Her best assets? The way she always sees the best in people, that she will learn a new skill anytime it takes her fancy & not be stopped by age or priors or expectations, her vegieburgers, her ferocious love for family, her imagination equalled only in size by my small child, her hugs.

Today we celebrated her birthday. What to get a grandmother recently retired with back problems caused by a lifetime of hard physical work? Her first powertool of course. An electric hedge trimmer to play with in the garden she's learning to love so dearly.

Happy belated Birthday Heath. 
You are one in a million. We count our lucky stars every week.

x from Jules, Paulie & Milo

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bountiful said...

Oh tears, sounds like such a wonderful woman!