Friday, September 19, 2008

oh me oh my

19th September, 2008

"Milo go morn'ton, bye bye mama, Milo go morn'ton"

{kiss, hug, cuddle}

"bye Milo, have fun"

"Milo need bag, shoes, mama shoes, morn'ton"

{walks to the back of the yard}

"at morn'ton"

{makes hands gestures, then turns & runs back to house}

"Milo home, morn'ton"

"Hi, did you get anything at mornington today?"

"photo, look, mama photo, morn'ton"

Oh my, oh me oh my, he's playing at being me. 
Not the 'Mama', but the 'Jules'. 
The things I love, the things that inspire & relax me. 
He see's me, beyond the 'Mama'. 
Oh me, oh my. 
Touching beyond words.

1 comment:

Jo Jo said...

Goodness. One step closer to interdependence... so beautiful, so exciting!

I do love your posts. I'm like a giddy little school girl when I check your blog and there's something new - my squeals are almost audible!

Kisses to you and your boys... and to your sun goddess (she's exquisite!).