Wednesday, September 10, 2008

spring fever

10th September, 2008

So I know that we are heading out of the cold weather & it seems an odd time to change the warm beach header to a cold 'jungle' header. But I feel the time is good for changes. The spring is evident all around me, all over me, all through me. It's all contagious & all consuming. 
Love & light to you all x J

ps - do you like it?


Grammy said...

Love spring, and love my beautiful grandson. Can't wait for summer too,so we can have a picnic at the beach. At the moment thow enjoy the blossoms.Love Grammy xxoo

Raine said...

First time I looked, i thought i liked the beach theme better but i looked again today & thought, i really do like this one too .. it must've grown on me. BUT - i must agree with Heather (Grammy) - love our beautiful grandson (& his mama & dada). Spring, summer, winter or autumn..they are all beautiful, special, fun in their own way. God's creations are all good.

Sarz said...

Hey Jules, love the new photo too, love the colors, the simplicity yet it's so deep, it makes me think, don't know why, I love your photo's, the catch so much more than just a 'shot'. Love to u all