Friday, September 5, 2008


5th September, 2008

So I'm making our morning cuppa's right? I ask little M to get the milk from the fridge, as he like to do each day, & I continue measuring the coffee, warming the cups, pouring the water..... Still no milk... I turn to find a carton of rice milk open & tipped ever so carefully to my little boys lips, some dribbles into his mouth & some dribbles down his chin! I quickly save the milk 'Ta for Mama, Miles", he smiles at me & says "mmm, yumbo" I tell him how we need to put it into the cup first yada, yada & he says ever so sensibly "just a little bit mama, quick just a little bit"

Paulie I think you have some explaining to do.......

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Raine said...

Paulie some explaining! Me thinks it might be his mama (who many-a-time was caught hiding behind th fridge door with milk bottle tipped up) & maybe his aunties too, who might need to 'fess up too. Besides, it's the BEST way to drink milk......YUM!