Saturday, April 17, 2010

and this one

17th April, 2010

Two boys asleep in bed at the same time. The first time.
My Sweet P in the studio, again. Working and playing.
I wish he was here to share the quiet and yet I'm glad to have moment truly to myself.

Miles will be 4 years old in two months. Jasper will be 4 months old in two weeks.
The moments are passing so quickly.
The moments are precious.
I love this life with our two boys. I choose happiness. I choose to immerse myself in the light and use the shadows for opportunities for growth. I am rambling, yes. A (very) long time has passed since I have had the joy of stringing words together and I'm a little clumsy in my process.
I wish I had photos to share, but my arms are wrapped firmly around small children these days and there is little room for my other love.
I have words though, stories and snippets. Like this one:
On Easter Morning, a bright yellow playsilk left by the bunny all wrapped up with bulbs inside. Three little eggs are hidden also.
Little M finds the first one "Wow Mama, can I eat this?"
Me "Sure can". His eyes are wide as he pulls the 'skin' off.
He finds another "Wow Mama, another one. I know, you should eat this and then Jasper will have chocolate mooky, wont he. That's a good idea isn't it?"
And he hands me his second sweetie.
And this one
Before he falls to sleep he chats a bit and cleans out questions from the day.
Tonight he had some chat about Jasper's birth.
I asked him "What was your favourite part of the birth?" I expected the birth pool in the lounge, or playing with LeeLee, or the birthday cake, or any number of bodily functions which took his interest on the day. What he replied with a soft, broad smile on his face was "Jasper". Well of course my love.


Amber said...

Oh such a sweet post, i smiled the whole time while reading it. Your boys are so blessed to have you. You are just a gem.
I love reading about people who are choosing

softearthart said...

Oh what delightful children, my first new born Grandson is 3 months old and such a joy,my children have all grown and flown. love and light Marie