Sunday, December 21, 2008

the twelve

21st December, 2008

In the spirit of Christmas, twelve things I'm loving today....
playing with my tablet just for fun 

& putting together a little gift for friends new & far 

Witnessing the bond of life long friendships forming.

The abundance of new residents in our garden
(they are ladybugs - I neeeeeeed macro people)

those baby blues

& ol' blue eyes himself singing the sweetest seasonal tunes

the magical gifts from our mother earth

finally finding my tribe

the dodgiest mama haircut to date
~ it's making me giggle daily

the look, feel & smell of grain before feed times

that for this moment in time he looked at the camera
(apparently children of photographers find their toes, bare walls, 
cloudless skies far more interesting than their mama's cameras)

that we now count the minutes  
until our Sweet P is home for the holidays



Raine said...

This kid blows your mind, his mama has always blown my strong, so independent, so knowledgable, so individual, an absolutely adorable babe, who became a beautiful child, who became a rebellious but fair teenager, who is now an absolutely gorgeous, independent loving woman, wife, mama but still my amazing daughter.

Amber said...

Oh beautiful pics and what one amazing little man. He knows how to work that camera for his mumma.
As for the message above ohhhh so precious.
Merry christmas beautiful lady...have a ball with that lovely family you have...xxxx