Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

25th December, 2008

A wish for the world....

            for peace, laughter & humility.

And a wish for you all also....
    I wish that you will find joy in the daily tasks that you undertake, 
    I wish that you will find magic in the simple pleasures of the world,
    I wish that you find complete contentment in the nurturing of your children,
   And I wish that your home is filled with light & laughter.

A very simple Christmas treat for you....

Cast on 16 stiches
Knit a square
Cast off
Fold in half
Stitch sides together leaving room to loosely stuff with wool. 
Stitch sides closed.
Pull top to base with a simple stitch.
Use wool to create a simple comb, beak, feet ~ mine are all different.
Attach several wool strands to fan from the bottom to create a tail for a rooster.

Make as many as you like. 

(Note: this is my adaptation of a traditional pattern used by Steiner kindergartens.
To stick with Steiner philosophy the wool is locally grown organic & plant dyed. However. We do what we can & I would say that recycled wool from other projects is equally as good to use).

Merry Christmas Wonderful Friends
A very Merry Christmas to you indeed.


Anne said...

Katie love making these!

Have A Merry Christmas too!

:) XXX

karenjane said...

thankyou, what a lovely christmas gift! i look forward to making some, the pattern looks so much easier than i thought it would have been which is always nice. the perfect little project to make sitting on my back step looking at my chookies for inspiration:)