Friday, November 28, 2008

this kid

28th November, 2008

This kid.
This kid blows my mind.

This kid is so wise, so funny, so compassionate, so full of light....

These are the photos we have together. Because we have to have them. We have to remember. We have to see. I can not forget these moments. I need to know that we laughed. That we cuddled. That we rolled about in the grass. And that when he cuddled me I felt the warmth & the embrace of the heavens. 

Yes I was wearing the daggiest clothes I own, yes I had no make up & blemishes. Yes the lighting, well, let's not go there. But now we have photos. And we will remember.

Why is it that we've not had a photographer photograph our family yet? Anybody know anyone good in Victoria you could recommend?


Anne said...

Lovely :)

jodi said...

oh such sweet photos. Sorry, don't know anyone in Vic.

Raine said...

I know an absolutely awesome photographer...BUT...I'm guessin' it's a bit hard to photograph yourself. Jules you ARE the best & I love you sooo...much & Paulie & Miles too. I'm sooo...lucky to be your ma.

Raine said...

Won't be long, I'm sure & master M will have one of these to wonder at, love & adore, protect & play with. My,my I am sooo...looking forward to that. Hugs 7 kisses to all