Tuesday, November 11, 2008

our number one

11th November, 2008

Our number 1 has his birthday this week. 

To celebrate ~ all of his number 1 things too.

~ out to dinner at our favourite place where memories of babes in bellies & previous birthday celebrations abound. Where we are greeted with smiles & curries as wide & warm as the sun.

~ play time in the garden 
   with a cool breeze & dappled shade just the way he likes it.

~ pizza the italian way, wine the italian way ;)

~ a romp in the park 

~ jazz, a beverage & a chat somewhere joyful

~ and us.... his two number 1's. adoring, loving & being oh so grateful for a man in our lives who embodies what it is to be love. Strong, gentle, joyous, creative, funny, wise & wonderful.

Sweet Paulie, we wish for you another year of love, laughter & learning. May the sun shine apon your wide brimmed hat & may the rain drops splash against your muddy boots. May your heart be filled with a thousand smiles & your skies filled with a rainbow of light.

J & M             


Anonymous said...

This post bought tears to my eyes. Grammy xxx

Amber said...

You are wonderful. What a lucky man. Happy birthday to him and may your celebrations be bliss.


Anne said...

Happy Birthday little man!...:)

Raine said...

And he's my amazing son-in-law who I adore. The one who loves my daughter & looksd after her so beautifully, the papa of my gorgeous grandson. Paulie I love you.