Wednesday, January 9, 2008

we ow we ow

9th January, 2008

My beautiful little boy is what I want to write about, he's why I'm inspired to write. He is utterly delightful. A week off 19 months & so very cool.

Today he got on a surfboard for the first time & loved it. He's talking - 'da's ki' (dad's bike) & helping, he'll wash his highchair while I wash the benches, put his washing in the basket, fetch his bottle from the bedroom & bring it to the dishwasher. He wants to feed himself at every meal now ~ but not his snacks. I have to feed them to him!

He loves the sand pit, his 'we ow we ow' fire truck, avocado, icy fruit poles & his mama.
Today when he woke from nap I went to cuddle him in bed for a while until he was ready to get up. I kept asking 'should we get up now?, should we have lunch?' he'd shake his head 'no no no' & snuggle in for more cuddles. Then we were both hysterical playing a new game ~ he'd touch my lip & I'd sneeze. We were both in fits of laughter & cuddles.

He says 'more' clear as day, makes fish sounds & dog sounds. He likes elephants & books about children. He loves lucy & 'jo jo'.

He adores his papa. He spends most of the day wearing Paulies work gloves, hat & shoes. Sometimes he likes to wear Paulies t-shirt too. He likes to listen to him on the phone. He waves & kisses the phone. When Paulies not really there he says 'hi dad' & 'see a ater'.

Every week is better than the last.

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