Saturday, January 19, 2008

21 years & counting

January 18th, 2008  

Baby Char turns 21!

So it's finally happened ~ we are all officially 'grown up'. 
Charlene looked stunning, delivered an impeccable speech, managed to dance with her date (little M) & many others & still remained standing in the wee sunny hours of the morning (or so I'm told).
Unbelievably I have no pics as although I remembered my camera ~ under the strictest of instructions to do so, I had forgotten to charge the battery. Sorry Char Char.
Char baby, you are amazing. You are growing into a more incredable person every day. I wish you the greatest adventure for your travels ahead. I know that your journeys will bring you just the right amount of challenge, laughter, tears, success & ultimatly personal fullfillment & growth. I can wait as long as need be for you to return & share them with us. Happy Birthday baby girl. x

Char on her 18th ~ about to jump of a cliff :)

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