Tuesday, February 2, 2010


1st February, 2010

Milo started kindy today.
His initial disinterest quickly faded after meeting his teacher last week. Her impression so great that Jaspers cries in the car were met simply with
"Mama, I think Jasper want's to go back to Johanna" Thank you very much!

A new kindy bag was sewn, his clothes were labelled, nectarines picked fresh from the tree and we were ready.


I felt such pride as he settled so quickly into the morning play. I was a little hesitant to say goodbye but not he. A (really) quick hug & kiss was all I was allowed.

As I drove away the past three and a half years flashed before my eyes. It is true that time flies. My wee wee tiny boy was stepping out into the world. Open to ideas, thoughts & beliefs beyond our own. Teachers, peers & other parents will all influence him as he forms his own ideas about the world. I feel slightly nervous.... yes I do. But I am also open, as he forms these ideas, to see where they will lead him. More of his beautiful self will be revealed to us through this expansion of experience.
Am I being dramatic? Perhaps. But it is still officially babymoon so I am allowed to be.

The pride I felt for my boy was mixed with pride for myself as I acknowledged the journey that I've been on since his birth. It feels nice to be able to say "I've done a good job."

And so what does Milo think if his first day in the first day of the Steiner Kindy that Mama helped build......?

"I think it's GOOD"


Aunty Wendy said...

Jules... thank you for sharing Milo's first day at Kindy... I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone... and how grown up my precious little nephew is! :) x x

Melissa said...

Hello! I thought I recognised your face - we are part of the Steiner playgroup too:) (Thursday morning group) - Aria loves it and so do I. We're new to the peninsula and are so grateful to be part of such a beautiful community. I love your blog - gorgeous photos! xxx