Friday, August 24, 2007

nudey running

24th August, 2007

This may very well have been the first nudey run....

(in phone camera)

Well, if you just mastered walking you'd want to test the applications too, wouldn't you?

Check out that smile, the utter joy. 
I can hear his giggle, his belly laugh, as I sit here typing 14 months later.
These are the moments I remember. The moments I wish I could bottle up & play on demand each & every day. The moments that pull on my heart strings just a little too tight, so that right now I'll go snuggle up with that sleeping (now 2.5 year old) & breathe him just a little deeper & a little longer before I too drift off to sleep.
x sweet dreams


Amber said...

Oh so sweet. Don't you wish you could hold onto those cuddles

karenjane said...

he looks so happy and free! what a cutie