Thursday, July 10, 2008


10th July, 2008

Oh little man of mine. So many things have been happening in our little world of late. Many changes, many milestones, many challenges & many expectations on you. I am sorry. It has been too much. You have coped so remarkably well. We commented often, your papa & I, on how well you were coping, on how you are such a big boy now. On how you were ready, and you were to a certain degree. I am sorry I didn't listen close enough when you told me you'd had enough. I'm thankful for how well you have handled my absences. I am sorry you've had to meltdown to regain my full attention. Well little bunny, you have it now. I'm back on board for as long & as much as you need me to be. & next time, when you're ready we'll take things a little slower, you & me. Together. 
x Mama.

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Raine said...

Such a busy time, June & July.
So wet & cold & miserable.. sometimes it's just meltdown time..BUT..I just wanted to say thankyou to..Miles (for being absolutely beautiful @ my party & always so much fun), to...mama (my gorgeous daughter, Julie) for not only my absolutely gorgeous necklace, but also your beautiful speech & all the times over my 1/2 century you have been there for me (especially the last few) & to....papa (my awesome son-in-law, Paul) for his awesome support of not only myself but for the way he loves my daughter so beautifully. NannaRaine says..Be still & know your heart, slow down, regroup & go on with soo..much fun & love in your hearts (cos my love is with you always)