Saturday, July 8, 2006

such complete wonderment

8th July, 2006

Miles is 3 weeks old. 

Paulie will go back to work on Monday. 
(He has already extended his leave by one week).

How do we feel?
disconnected from the rest of the world. 

We have not heard a news report, a weather prediction, or a footy score. Our bliss bubble has been protected & honoured by our visitors & our family who have so strongly held it for us. 

We are in such complete wonderment over our baby boy. His eyes are wise & wide. Already they are knowing & questioning, seeking out answers. Look at how small he is, a tiny babe. And yet such vulnerability is in Paulie. We cannot believe that we have been so blessed. That we are the ones he chose. That we get to share & grow & wonder & love him.

This dummy I've kept, as a visual reminder of this time, this size. 
It will stay safe in his treasure box. 
With his umbilical cord & his first lock of hair. 

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